Welcome to Nimble Noggins - A Flagstaff Preschool

Welcome to Nimble Noggins

A Flagstaff Preschool

Welcome to Nimble Noggins - A Flagstaff PreschoolAt Nimble Noggins Educational Preschool, we believe that movement is instrumental to a child's education and development.  Active Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Happy Hearts allow children to flourish physically, academically, and socially.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Nimble Noggins as your premier choice for your child’s foundation and development into a successful, life-long learner. Don’t stop now! Learn more about our Tuition & Program OptionsCurriculum, Facility, Teachers, and more!

The Mind/Body Connection (Movement and Learning) is integral to our educational philosophy. Movement and learning are demonstrated in Nimble Noggins in many ways.

Our Philosophy

Our Flagstaff Preschool PhilosophyNimble Noggins provides an exceptionally rich environment designed to promote ease of learning. In addition to our curriculum, which includes exploring literacy, numeracy, science, music and art, students in Nimble Noggins receive daily instruction in gymnastics, dance/creative movement, and/or children’s yoga, all under one roof...

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Active Minds

Our Flagstaff Preschool Active Minds PhilosophyThe love of learning developed at this age is one of the most important factors for later academic success. We offer a truly exceptional curriculum which is carried through by caring and supportive teachers. The Nimble Noggins curriculum is designed to fulfill Arizona Early Learning Standards, and to give our preschoolers the learning...

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Healthy Bodies

Our Flagstaff Preschool Healthy Bodies PhilosophyResearch has demonstrated that preschool gymnastics enhances brain development through new neural networks in the brain, making it a perfect fit in our preschool! Imagine, creating NEW neural networks while having fun in gymnastics, dance, and yoga! Motor development leads to self- confidence and feelings of physical well-being.

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Happy Hearts

Our Flagstaff Preschool Happy Hearts PhilosophyIn addition to giving our students the academic skills they need to succeed and the physical activities they need to be healthy, we strive to instill confidence, happiness, understanding of emotions, and the development of healthy relationships with others, in our students. The significance of social and emotional development is seen in every area of a child's life.

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Active Minds

Active Minds - Nimble Noggins Preschool in Flagstaff

Nimble Noggins believes learning should be natural, participatory, and most important, a FUN process for preschoolers.

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Healthy Bodies

Healthy Bodies - Nimble Noggins Preschool in Flagstaff

Academics are only part of the story at Nimble Noggins, however, as students learn from a broad slate of activities.

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Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts - Nimble Noggins Preschool in Flagstaff

We give our students the academic skills they need to succeed and the physical activities they need to be healthy.

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"The Mind & Body Connection (Movement and Learning) is Integral to Our Educational Philosophy."